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 'A lil heroes Christmas' hits #8 on the Billboard Magazine Charts!!
...for the week of 12/11/06 - 12/17/06,  New Artists (HeatSeekers).
Hits #24 on Billboards 'Kids Audio' Chart!

To hear clips and order your 'A lil Heroes Christmas' CD click CD cover at right or
CLICK HERE if cover does not load. As you go through the order process,
after filling out your shipping address, you will get to a page where you will be
able to pay by Credit Card, Mail or Phone. ($15.00 each, 2 or more $12.00 each)
You will also have an option to FedEx overnight.
(If you cannot order online, call 1-800-289-6923)
100% of proceeds from the sale of CD's goes to OEC.
Please consider returning to make a direct donation to these very special kids.

'A lil hereos Christmas' CD available on iTunes and other digital outlets. 

See the OEC VIP Kids Music Video here.


 'A lil' Heroes Christmas'  story...

Operation Ensuring Christmas and Veit Renn of Renn Music Productions
produced this Christmas CD to help honor and support the Children of
Fallen Soldiers. Thirteen children of troops killed in action since 9/11 were
in Recording Studios across the country adding their voices to the OEC 
'A lil Heroes Christmas' CD on the same day at the same time, 
the afternoon of Saturday, October 7th, the anniversary of the start of
Operation Enduring Freedom. The CD features the children singing all
or part of 7 of the 9 songs which are traditional Christmas songs and parts of
an original Christmas song and a 'Patriotic Americana' song written especially 
for them. The CD was released on November 11, 2006, Veteran’s Day. 

Veit Renn did the bulk of the CD project at his RMP Studios in 
Orlando Florida. Renn has sold over 50 Million CD’s including over 11 
million Nsync CD’s, 4 Million being Nsync’s Christmas CD. Renn also 
had 2 hit singles on the Back street boys first album which sold over 34 
million copies worldwide. Renn Music Productions is also the home of 
American Idol finalist Jennifer Hudson who is co-starring in Dream Girls 
with Jamie Foxx, Beyonce’ Knowles and Eddie Murphy in theaters 
December, 2006. In addition to recording at RMP Studios, children added
vocals to the CD at the prestigious Studio West in San Diego CA, 
PostPro Studios in Raleigh NC and Jupiter Studios in St. Louis MO.

Everyone involved at Renn Music Productions, Studio West, Songwriters,
etc. are donating their time, services and songs. To see credits of all
involved please click here. 100% of the proceeds from the CD will go
to support the programs at OEC which directly benefit these very special children.

“The children were very excited about singing on the CD and being part of 
an effort to help all of the other children who are so deserving of OECs’ 
programs," Robert McDowell.

Please remember that these children have made the Ultimate Sacrifice that a
child can make for their country...the loss of a parent in war. By purchasing the
CD you will help us continue to help these children be 'kids again'. Many of
these childen did not receive benefits after the loss of their soldier parent and
are struggling financially. With your help we can bring a little extra Christmas
cheer to these very special children this Christmas. You can also help them 
to experience the Magical 'pursuit of happiness' that their parents died for
through OEC's 'Christmas in July' VIP vacation.

To order your 'A lil Heroes Christmas' CD CLICK HERE
 Don't forget, if you can please...