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Child/Family Application Form

To apply for the programs offered through Operation Ensuring Christmas, please download and complete the form provided. Children must be legal dependants, under 16 years old.  We have expanded the coverage of our programs to include all military personnel lost while on Active Duty. Address and Fax number are located at the bottom of the form. We look forward to receiving your information.
If possible, please send e-mail to let us know you have faxed your application.
The Christmas Gift Cards are a one time program. We send the Gift Cards to children one time in the year that you first apply. There is no need to submit applications in future years, we keep all apps on file.

Because of the slowing economy and lower donations we have had to put the VIP vacations on hold for now. We will keep all applications on file in the hopes that we can again begin sending children to Orlando in the future. The CIJ Vacations are provided in the order that applications are received.

Child/Family application will open in printer friendly PDF format. View the application
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